Concierto de Athanai en Fábrica de Arte Cubano. Foto: Jorge Luis Toledo / Magazine AM:PM.
Concert of Athanai in the Cuban Art Factory. Photo: Jorge Luis Toledo / Magazine AM: PM.

A year of rock in Havana in photographs

1 minuto / Jorge Luis Toledo

11.01.2019 / Reportages

Jorge Luis Toledo likes concert photos. Anyone who follows his posts on social networks will be able to realize that. As he explains, when he takes pictures he is not thinking about his musical tastes or the importance of the character, what interests him the most is the photogenicity of these, it does not matter if they are part of the anonymous public or a not very well known band. But, in spite of what he says, his particular taste for the rock scene of the Cuban capital is undeniable. Fortunately, we share some of his snapshots of the year 2018.

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Jorge Luis Toledo

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