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Nube Roja, another face of Cuban music

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Who said you can not do pop music in the Caribbean? Nube Roja does it in Cuba and in Spanish. With less than a decade of work and two albums recorded they have gained loyalty among a sector of the public, led by the youngest especially.

His trump card is precisely in his music: interesting pop compositions, very different from what the music scene in the country has accustomed us to (although nothing innovative in the face of global genre trends). When we listen to a phonogram like Nube Roja está de moda, his most recent production, we discover attractive melodies, which come to be a pause of "the same thing", because Cuba is not just salsa or reggaeton.

Nube Roja is a very young group made up of young musicians and that energy is transmitted both in their live performances and in their songs. Graduates of art schools, its members know how to combine the interpretations with the strength of the instruments. For that reason, to its founders and leading voices, Anthuán Perugorría and Lázaro Peña (Lachy), we see them alternate the songs with the drums and the piano, respectively.

For some time Anthuán and Lachy worked with musicians such as X Alfonso or Kelvis Ochoa, an experience that gives them the most varied influences in the way of achieving a personal stamp for their sonority. The friendship of years that unites these musicians, the same that has been adding others, has become little by little an almost informal project, download, in a band that is gaining its space in the Cuban music scene.

What is romantic about topics like Antes, Soy para ti and Donde, the fun of songs like one's own Nube Roja está de moda, Celosa and Esto es como quiera yo, they would not be so without the musical compositions that accompany them.  

At the height of his first album (Dibujemos el camino), cuando los escuché por primera vez su sonoridad, pop a ratos con toques electrónicos, me recordaba indudablemente a Capital Cities, ese grupo estadounidense de música movida, divertida, a la vez que enamorada. Ahora su segundo fonograma -grabado de forma totalmente independiente, al igual que el primero, y posteriormente licenciado con el sello EGREM-  sigue la misma línea de su antecesor en lo que a estilo musical se refiere.

We see them posing on the cover of the phonogram in an elegant lounge, with medieval-style dresses and hair, but sporting tennis and sunglasses, in a provocation that starts from the title itself, where they jokingly affirm that "they are in fashion". That game with what is pop culture, full of colors and movement, that sometimes brought to our context seems alien, they manage to transport it and make it authentic.

Nube Roja, with its easy to digest music but with a "healthy" theme, is the ideal listening alternative for the newer generations, without many possibilities to choose their musical tastes among Cuban or international reggaeton. And if it's true that these guys are not "discovering the warm water" because this genre has a lot of history already, whether you like the band or not, when you listen to Red Cloud pop music made in cuba for the first time it does not sound fatally ridiculous.

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