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Pets or pets, pets, bugs. There are a thousand and one ways to name those beings that accompany us on the planet; beings with as much right as humans to an existence free of abuse and cruelty. Hence we join the growing collective effort that seeks to create awareness on our Island, in the best way we know, with music.

This playlist is also a preview of EL PERREO: Festive day in favor of animal protection, an event that Magazine AM: PM will organize next Saturday, August 10, together with Estudio 50, CEDA, OrbitaXX and Vistar Magazine, at the headquarters of Estudio 50 (Calle Lugareño e / Carlos III and Almendares). The Working day, which will have two moments, starts at 10 in the morning with an adoption fair, raffles, workshops, competitions, plant sales, bodypainting and a pet parade. At night, after 7, we will give free rein to our most natural side with an animal party (you can come in disguise or buy a mask at the entrance), we will open the exhibition of drawings Zookete, by our designer Mayo Bous, the band Logos will offer a concert and we will close the day with a session by DJ Cami Layé Okún. In what comes on the 10th, warm up engines with these animal music.



Ayuda a que Magazine AM:PM siga siendo un proyecto autogestionado y con indenpendencia editorial.

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Ilustración: Mayo Bous

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