Giving the note: Danceable boleros vol. IV


Bolero. A feeling that is danced

In this plate that brings together, a group of danceable boleros almost begins a philological meditation. Cuban dancers were always divided into hardly notable categories for those unaware of the intrigues of popular dance. There is the one who likes to "take a foot", somewhat alarming, who dances "scattered" and with its hallways. And there is the "one brick" that needs to enjoy the warmth of the couple. Near this is the one who knows how to enjoy a good dance bolero.

Although in matters of boleros all were made to dance - the essence of the genre is that of the gallantry, the “fajón” with chords -, the peculiarity of the dancing bolero is another. He became enthroned as a recurrence in the popular saraos, to recover from a rumba or a guaracha, and thus passed to the records. It was a pause after several swirling pieces. It was a subtle way to return to stillness without losing movement. And they established the expected moment of "squeezing", a word that may seem procaz if deprived of the intimacy and closeness of the loved one, to the spell of music. Because in the danceable bolero the most important thing is the environment that is achieved.

Well, here, suddenly and surprisingly, we are surprised by a small anthology of danceable boleros, with some of their top representatives: El Beny, Roberto Faz, Tito Gómez, Pacho Alonso and, miracles of the persistent continuity of Cuban music, what which brings us the combination of talent and tradition in Adalberto Álvarez. Here some unboiling boleros meet, with their own world, their "pegaditos" or "ensaladas", where love themes are whispered without losing the cadence. And they are orchestras that marked milestones when the relationship with the jazz-band was imposed and the Casino and Riverside Ensemble arrived to stay.

In short, we are offered an opportunity to enjoy Cuba again from the eternal bolero. Thus, while "we mark" - which is a way of dancing without exaggerating the movement in delightful complicity of the body and rhythm -, we are reeling in the ear of our couple the boleristic letters: "you will stay because I give you love, you will stay because you I give love ”; "I lacked peace, I lacked love, I lacked you"; "If the light of your love were not traitorous to me"; "As I think of you, my great love" ... Those lyrics that are true arguments, synthesized stories, that serve men and women equally, and that help him to express beautifully what life experiences constitute an arsenal that ended up fixed in the collective subconscious and deepened the pleasure of the dancing bolero.

They are more than powerful reasons to acquire and love this album, because together with the pleasure of dancing, it delivers a sentimental treatise, thanks to the presence of the bolero, the usual one, in our intrinsic melomania of Cubans.

  1. Potpourri of Boleros (If you understood me - José Antonio Méndez; I will continue without you - Juan P. Miranda; Reality and fantasy - César Portillo de la Luz). 5'33 Interpreter: Roberto Faz Ensemble
  2. How I think of you - Roberto Puente 2'50 Interpreter: Pacho Alonso and Los Bocucos
  3. Fleeting Love - Beny Moré 3'10 Performer: Beny Moré and his Orchestra
  4. In my own way - Marcelino Guerra 3'08 Interpreter: Adalberto Alvarez and his Son
  5. If you could love me - Ignacio Villa (Snowball) 3'03 Interpreter: Roberto Faz with his Casino Set


  1. You will stay - Alberto Barreto 3'09 Performer: Beny Moré and his Orchestra
  2. Frenzy - Abel Domínguez 2'47 Interpreter: Tito Gómez with La Riverside
  3. You my adoration - José Antonio Méndez 2'46 Interpreter: Roberto Faz with his Ensemble
  4. I was missing you - José Antonio Méndez 3'06 Interpreter: Pacho Alonso and his Orchestra
  5. Potpourri of Boleros: Irremediably Alone - Abelino Muñoz; Sin of Love - Miguel Valladares; Y - Mario de Jesús 5'38. Interpreter: Roberto Faz Ensemble

Concept of Production and musical selections: Jorge Rodríguez / Reconstruction under study: Eusebio Domínguez / Edition: José Pérez Leroy / Design. Heriberto de Haro / Photos. Angel Alderete / EGREM Recordings studio. Havana city, Cuba. 1990.
LD - 4679

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