Cover of the album "Camila", by Camila Cabello (Epic; Syco, 2018)

Camila Cabello: Cojímar-Miami-«Havana»


Con apenas 15 años, Camila Cabello ya conocía el rigor del showbiz as a member of Fifth Harmony, a female vocal pop quintet played by and for teenagers designed by Simon Cowell - the same as the reality show Factor X. So, after his break with the group, his debut album, simply titled Camila, represented a step to one side and forward, at the same time.

Of course, a step of high risk, given the hyper-changing dynamics of urban music, genre in which the album is inserted. And is that the followers of this genre, represent a very young audience, mostly teenagers in search of idols idem, of those who enjoy on their mobile devices lists of songs tailored to taste, with monthly replacement.

This is the environment that conditions the sound of the disc, from the very beginning with the single Never be the same, that together Into it they are oriented towards the scene dance. The tropical airs could not be missing in a proposal that pretends to capitalize on the Latin flavor afterSlowly within the North American market, evident in She loves control, Inside out or as in Real friends, a slow hip-hop with a semi-acoustic segment on rhythms of Caribbean steel-drums.

And it is not that the girl lacks, precisely, talent. There are symptoms of the opposite throughout the entire disc - in his interpretation, in the authorship of the themes, and even in the fleeting moments when he offers signs of introspection and reflection in his lyrics, an example of which would be Consequences, a ballad played on piano, where he confesses the damage he feels inside when he is not reciprocated in his romantic relationships, or in Something's gotta give, where it highlights in the musical arrangement, the dramatic in-crescendo and the textures achieved with synthesizers (for which he writes these lines, the most salvageable of the disc). But in general, its voice tessitura, the use (and abuse) of autotune, the production and the finishing of the album leave us with the feeling that "we have heard this before".

And is that this collection of 11 songs is all on the shoulders of the mega-hit Havana, que producido nada más y nada menos que por Pharrell Williams y contando con el rapero Young Thug como invitado (y donde el nombre de esta ciudad se repite cual mantra la friolera de 17 veces) se convirtió en la canción más escuchada de todos los tiempos en la red para una artista solista y, ¡presten atención!, a un mes de su lanzamiento propulsó al álbum a más de un billón de escuchas en línea. No descarto que esas descomunales cifras hagan las delicias de los contables de su discográfica,  pero tampoco descarto que para los que buscan, aman y priorizan la música, Camila Cabello represente una similar interrogante.

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