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I study music since I am 5 years old, it is what I did a great part of my life and somehow I continue doing it. I took my first photos while studying at the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory of Music. Then the camera became an extension of my arm :-). I don't have a favorite type of photography because it gives me great pleasure to produce images in any sphere, but since 2006 I have taken photos of music and musicians; I have some of my school life, my teachers and my generation, including concerts, rehearsals of different musicians, and much of my social service, teaching music students, their activities, etc.  

Alfredito Rodríguez, FIU, otubre 2018. Photo: Miri Páez Bolet .

Since 2013 I live in the city of Miami, Florida. Photography was my therapy and adaptation tool, with which I have explored everything around me, making it mine. Musical spaces have been an important point in this. Being able to live in some way with the Cuban musicians of this city that are part of different periods within the Cuban exile as well as others that are passing through, has become one of my recurring photographic themes.

Amaury Gutiérrez at home, 2017. Photo: Miri Páez Bolet .

Attractive for me, for example, has been able to compile since 2014 moments that are lived in a jazz club called Le Chat Noir, whose Cuban owners Alexis Salis and Ezzio Chaviano, do a tremendous job with jazz. An incredible site, because it is precisely at the zero points of downtown Miami, and its concert schedule is constant. Besides, as a curious fact, one of the owners is a descendant of the original owner of the club Le Chat Noir (yes, the famous poster) opened in Paris in 1881. 

Arturo Sandoval in master class, 2016. Photo: Miri Páez Bolet.

Sigo asistiendo a cada concierto que puedo para disfrutarlo y tomar fotos que queden para recordar, con el empeño de cambiar un poco la perspectiva que se tiene de Miami como un lugar de cultura y vida muuuyy banal. Creo que he tratado siempre de transmitir el Miami que yo veo, y procuro reivindicar sus valores en mucho sentidos. La presencia cubana en esta ciudad y su importancia es innegable, y sin dudas la música es indivisible a nuestra cultura de grupo e idiosincrasia, así que… ¡seguimos!

Bobby y Robertico Carcassés en Le Chat Noir, diciembre de 2018. Photo: Miri Páez Bolet.
Dafnis Prieto, Yosvani y Yunior Terry, marzo de 2017. Photo: Miri Páez Bolet.
Gema Corredera, 2019. Photo: Miri Páez Bolet.
Nestor del Prado. Photo: Miri Páez Bolet.
Pavel Urquiza. Photo: Miri Páez Bolet.
Pedrito Martínez, 2017. Photo: Miri Páez Bolet.
Yosvany Terry, 2017. Photo: Miri Páez Bolet.
Yusa, 2017. Photo: Miri Páez Bolet.

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