Literature feat. Music: Piano

You have the hard face

and the piano has a waist ...

The piano has a waist.

And the chair ...


What plant to sit on

and sandpaper when you get up!


Zumba! Tribal music

of your flesh. Your two hands

doing a piano bongo.


They are burning my blood

the soles of your throat.

It is scraped whipped

The are hot that you sing.


What a plant to sit on!

Bemba thick. Hard face

Now the piano is black

and shows the denture.


With those rumberas hands

you make them come out of the piano

cool guitars in a robe

shaking the hips.

Keys and güiros take him out.

Keys, güiros and maracas!


Hands, shameless hands

making a piano bongo

What a plant to sit on!

And sandpaper when you get up!


A Lala Zamora


Emilio BallagasLiterature feat. MusicPianoPoetry
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