10 songs that Silvio Rodríguez would have liked to compose. Illustration on a photo of Gabriel Guerra Bianchini.

10 songs that Silvio Rodríguez would have liked to compose


Any of those silly lists of 10 best singer-songwriters in Spanish of all time includes in one of the 3 first positions to this man, lyric and arpeggios so personal. If we inquired among the singers of our language for their favorite songs of others, a good number would mention some of their authorship. But ... what songs would he have wanted to sign with his name that living myth that is Silvio Rodríguez?

In this playlist, Silvio unintentionally reveals some of his musical influences as well as his deep respect for some names and works that define us musically as Cubans. As we asked only 10, he says he still had a couple of dozens left ... Let's stay tuned.

  1. El Colibrí (Anonymous of the 19th century)
  2. Black Wedding (Music: Alberto Villalón; Letter: Julio Flores)
  3. Silence (Rafael Hernández)
  4. Gray afternoons (Sindo Garay)
  5. My Soul (Maria Greever)
  6. Convergence (Marcelino Guerra and Bienvenido Julián Gutiérrez)
  7. Like a miracle (Juanito Márquez)
  8. Song for this day (César Portillo)
  9. In the imagination (Marta Valdés)
  10. Life is not worth anything (Pablo Milanés)



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