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The Second Clock Hand

We often come across so many good comments on social networks, which end up lost in the vortex of constant updating, that we decided to open this section. The second one has the subtitle "glosses, notes and commentaries about Cuban music taken from the RRSS", and pretends to be a kind of repository of all those jewels that appear briefly in our feed and then we do not see again. If you have any suggestion of a material that we should add here, do not hesitate to write to us

With Elena Burke, by way of another birthday

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Portada del álbum Elena Burke canta a Marta Valdés.

In the minutes that I have left before it vanishes on February 28, I keep the promise to remember Elena Burke, through the album she may prefer. It is difficult to say that, because Señora Sentimiento (that artistic name that she, as several of her time, won in her own right and not as a gesture of vanity) recorded a lot, leaving in diverse plates the samples of her genius, and demanding us that in the end a true tribute will be rendered with a broad retrospective of his career. That second Lp that he recorded, for the Gema label, with the accompaniment of Meme Solís on the piano, for example, is another collection jewel, but this one, from 1989, portrays it in the full range of its round maturity. Keep Reading

Rosa Fornés: because there is no one like her

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Foto original ´Rosita Fornés y el producto derramado´, sesión fotográfica promocional, La Habana, 1947. Crédito: Armand Studios (Armando Hernández López).
Not only because Freddy Maragotto, one of his greatest admirers has asked me since yesterday to remember this woman's birthday, is that I'm writing about her again. It seems that I can not avoid doing it, and every February 11th I give up again to his charm, his versatility, his professionalism and his way of surviving so many hecatombs.

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The 80's of a great lady

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To bid farewell to the year 39 of the last century, Havana wore a new nightclub located on the outskirts of the city, in Marianao. Its owner, the Italo-Brazilian entrepreneur Víctor de Correa, was thinking of calling him Boite Du Nuit. But, we do not know why, he inaugurated it on December 31 as Beau Site.

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Of Cimafunk, reparterismo and surrounding subjects.

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Jazz Plaza - Pabellón Cuba - Jorge Luis Toledo

A couple of weeks ago, in the office where a friend works, we talk about the latest cultural events: awards, television series, fashion sounds. No event reaches the popularity of Cimafunk, artistic name of the composer, singer and band leader Erick Iglesias, the most recent mass phenomenon within the Cuban music scene; Suddenly, someone makes a comment full of racism, classism and elitism: "That is just a messenger with culture."

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Tenth throws: anteroom of the Longina Festival

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Detalle del cartel del Festival Loinga 2019, dedicado a Ela O' Farril y la décima. Foto: cortesía del Festival Longina.

Between the 9th and 13th of January, Villa Clara will become thanks to the Longina Festival in an immediate concert hall for the troubadour song, where the composer Ela O'Farril and the musical version of the tenth will be celebrated. And as we think so timely the warming of engines that have starred in the networks the musicians Roly Berrío, Diego Gutierrez, Jorgito Kamankola, Raul Marchena and Reidel Bernal "Fito", we share these funny "tiraderas". Keep Reading

The Cimafunk phenomenon

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Concierto de Cimafunk en La Tropical. Foto: Abel Carmenate / Magazine AM:PM.

What a way to surprise us the different ways in which artists launch themselves to fame and take off their careers. There are those who play a song and never listen to them again, some make several albums and like the third they find a way to show, others for twenty or thirty years delight us with their music and there are those who, with a first album, move the foundations of Havana . Cimafunk is of the latter. Keep Reading

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