Magazine AM: PM is a digital multimedia project, interactive, social and cultural, focused on the analysis of the phenomena and musical scenes of Cuba, with contacts with international scenes, especially Ibero-American and their industrial contexts. There is no modern magazine in Cuba, with a contemporary language, completely focused on Cuban popular music, although this is one of the sine qua non elements of the national identity.

Our purpose is to make a publication that reflects the changes in Cuban music and those related to it; to contextualize it within the Cuban institutional environment and within the global entertainment industry, in addition to betting on a renewal of the themes and ways of making music journalism and of understanding culture from Cuba. Although it is a medium made from Cuba, we hope that the universal nature of its materials transcend local topics, with the aspiration that any user, regardless of their country of origin, be able to enjoy the published works.

For this, we intend to develop a digital platform as a space from which a series of more traditional contents in text will be generated, such as reports, articles, in-depth interviews and profiles, as well as the inclusion of more contemporary formats.